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RCG provides art consulting, curation, project management, leasing, framing and installation.   Our consultants work in any style and medium: Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Custom artwork, murals, installations, performance art.

As a full service art consulting firm, we are not exclusive to any genre and/or artist.  We strive to provide artwork and artists that best suit each projects needs.  Our primary focus is to completely understand our clients and ensure that their artwork will reflect their vision. 

RCG consultants work directly with clients as well as alongside existing designers, project managers and developers.  Although we specialize in dealing with local Chicago artists, in order to create unforgettable experience within your space, we will also source artwork and artists throughout the United States and abroad. 

Our style tends to be more contemporary and current with design trends, but we are fully capable of providing traditional needs as well.  RCG consultants pride themselves on capturing each client’s vision and translating that vision into an art program that pushes beyond the client’s expectation.